If you love the iconic "Forever Marilyn" statue as much as we do, we need your help!

Petition signatures have been certified to qualify for a March 5, 2024 ballot measure to Protect Our Marilyn.However, Calif. initiative election law also allows the City Council to avoid an expensive election and vote to adopt the initiative at a December 4, 10:00 AM special meeting. We need 3 or more of the 5-person council to make this happen.

Now, we need your voice to be heard this week by the City Council to continue to move this effort forward! Please send an email to the City Clerk who will forward your email to the entire City Council.  

Click here to send an email to the Council.

The 26-foot-tall iconic Forever Marilyn statue is located downtown a block from Palm Canyon Drive and Tahquitz and is located on Museum Way adjacent to the downtown Palm Springs Park. It attracts hundreds or thousands of tourists each day (see daily visitors chart at the bottom of this page)

A group funded a lawsuit against the City to remove this iconic statue from its current location citing the City's definition of a "temporary street closure" for 3-years as being illegal.

A recent survey of Palm Springs registered voters showed an overwhelming 82% want Marilyn to remain where she is currently located and believe Forever Marilyn was placed in THE perfect location.

About the Forever Marilyn Statue

Marilyn Monroe loved Palm Springs, and it's clear Palm Springs loves Marilyn.

86.7% of 1,000 visitors to the statue that participated in a 2022 survey affirmed, “Forever Marilyn was their main reason for walking down Museum Way.” An astounding 98.7% said they would, “tell other visitors to Palm Springs that Forever Marilyn is a “must-see” among their list of things to do. Marilyn has attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors each year since her return debut in June 2021. Additionally, a recent survey of Palm Springs registered voters showed an overwhelming 82% want Marilyn to remain where she is currently located.

Photos of the Forever Marilyn statue are shared on social media all over the globe, helping Palm Springs solidify its status as a world-class destination.

The current location of the Forever Marilyn statue is necessary because it draws visitors to downtown, which supports local businesses, restaurants, and the Palm Springs Art Museum.


John BarrowmanJohn Barrowman and husband Scott Gill

Thousands of the Gay Pride Viewers Applaud Protect our Marilyn in the Parade

TV and Theater star John Barrowman and husband Scott Gill are full time residents of Palm Springs. They participated in the parade supporting and representing “Protect Our Marilyn” to keep the iconic Forever Marilyn statue in her current location.  They are passionate she is not moved anywhere else.








Over 110,000 Visitors to Forever Marilyn in the Past Two Months!

October 2023

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